October 15, 2012

We've Landed on Promethean Planet

As many of our teachers walked into their classroom this year, they were met by a technology new to them---Promethean ActivBoards, ActivSlates, Activotes, and ActivExpressions. Each classroom grades K-5 are equipped with one of Promethean's interactive devices. Classrooms are transformed into interactive learning environments, engaging students and capturing their attention. Teachers participated in a half day training along with their campus ITS to fully investigate the software and integration ideas. In addition to learning how to use their ActivBoard or ActivSlate, they also received their student response devices, a small handheld voting device that allows teachers to poll students at any time during class to gauge their understanding. Teachers were energized and excited to implement their new technology tools into their classrooms! Check back to see what the kids thought!

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